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Hastings Farm Gate 2022 Hosts


Home Grown Organics

Desley and Rod are passionate about organic produce. On their farm they grow vegetables that are bursting with so much flavour they bottle them up and make hand crafted pies to sell at
the Real Food Markets every

Chef to Farmer

Our aim is to farm with a deep respect to animals. The pasture raised hens, pigs and cattle live on the freshest pasture, in their natural environments, foraging, digging, scratching and grazing
all day every day, full of
sunshine and vitamin D.

Grazed and Grown Farm

Our Farm is situated on the beautiful Comboyne Plateau on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Our passion is in farming the most nutrient dense food possible without the use of chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. To do this we nurture the land itself through regenerative practices.

Doraville Organics

Organically grown a
our certified Organic farm rears pastured
beef on lush grass and
delicious oranges.

Barbushco is a family owned business dedicated wholly to preserving the art of traditional Australian bush foods.
Barbushco cultivates a diverse range of organically grown indigenous foods, bush tucker, fruits, herbs and spices.

Comboyne Produce
Our motives are regenerated living soils and environment which promotes nutrition and health in plants and animals. Our stress and force free approach to agriculture is proving there is a better way. We invite you on our journey as we challenge ourselves with new ways of thinking about farming.

Chicken Caravan
Chickens are highly beneficial for farmland. They help to spread ruminant manure, control pests and add nitrogen to soil to boost pasture growth.

Pastured Chicken Eggs are also a great source of income.

Oxhill Organics
We are a certified organic farm on the mid north coast of NSW. Our family has farmed here for four generations and we are committed to sustainably producing quality, nutrient-dense food.

The Davis Farm
The Davis Farm is a not-for-profit that supports our local community. Focused on mental health we offer a community space to learn, connect, belong and Grow.

Urban Farmers, Community Groups & More

The Lost Plot

Check out our thriving community garden, see how we garden organically and sustainably. We make our own compost using bays made by our

members, and we have worm-farming, a thriving

food forest, and peaceful places to sit and relax.

Explore our beautiful space and discover plants

familiar and new.

Homestead by the Sea

Be inspired to take up permaculture in your own

backyard! Visitors will learn about creating productive gardens and fruit orchards on small residential blocks, along with other sustainability features.

Antheraea Biodiversity Conservation Trust

This unique sanctuary backing on to Lake Innes consists of old growth forest and forms part of a regional wildlife corridor.

As well as koalas, the area provides habitat for threatened animal and plant species. This site is a designated Biodiversity Conservation area through an in perpetuity partnership conservation agreement with the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust.

Lake Cathie Community Hub & Garden

Visitors will get to experience a small scale community garden run by volunteers in association with the Hastings Neighbourhood Service. We have a thriving compost and worm farm, bush tucker garden and raised fruit and vegetable gardens.

Douglasvale Historic Homestead & Vineyard

Established in 1859, Douglas Vale is the oldest vineyard and timber homestead museum in Port Macquarie.

A working vineyard with an orchard, and cottage, veggie, pineapple & pond gardens. Douglas Vale is run by a passionate group of volunteers using a holistic approach.

Kai's Place Lake Cathie Urban Food Forest

At Kai’s Place visitors will have the opportunity to see the potential for food production on a regular suburban block.

Visitors will see what is possible to create in a just few short years in your own backyard.

Visitors will learn about simple permaculture practices especially focused on soil building, water harvesting and storage and elements of a semi-closed food production system.

The Station - Urban Farm

Experience an extra large urban block saved from

development During the tour visitors will see and learn about backyard vegetable gardening, keeping chickens and growing a wide variety of native and fruit trees. We will explain how we are helping local koalas, the history of the property and how we are balancing food gardening with wildlife and native plants.

Thank you to all the hosts & volunteers that made the 2022 Hastings Farm Gate a huge success.

Papa Stu's Farm

A guided tour of a working

permaculture market garden and introduced to

the world of sustainable small farming.

Our sponsorship partners include

Hastings Farm Gate is an Earth Logic Incorporated project. Earth Logic is a not-for-profit that delivers projects that connect and educate communities to collaboratively regrow, renew or restore the environment.  

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